We'd like to help you improve your English. You will find that the Shore English Service Online Training Platform offers lots of information about the language as well as numerous opportunities to practice.

Our learning platform offers you the optimal extension to your face-to-face training. We have designed the platform to help you efficiently attain your certificate of choice while providing you with valuable and supportive information and tips. After logging in, you have access to quizzes and other material to supplement what you have learned in your classroom lesson, with the added advantage of deciding when and where you will work through these lessons. By actively using the platform, you will not only be able to keep your current English level active, but rapidly broaden your language skills as well.

Besides enriching and consolidating the language you learn in the classroom, the platform also allows you to hand in homework for correction or exchange other information online with your teacher or fellow students.


Please note:

Although we design our courses to be motivating, improving English from your computer requires a certain amount of discipline on your part. We suggest you take time to practice daily, even for a short period, say, 15 minutes. If you do this at the same time every day, you will soon develop a very good habit that will show positive results in no time at all!


+ We offer personal support and guidance throughout your entire learning process






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